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They all do an excellent job and work together well. Helping each other to give the best patient care to those they work with. Jack does an excellent job of directing and leading his group.
Wow! What progress we have seen over the past two months for Mr. P. We are so grateful for your quality therapy. How blessed we are to have such a special facility with such competent and friendly staff.
I've said it before -- the staff at DRNC is excellent -- they take their jobs seriously and present a very professional atmosphere no matter which hall I walk down or what time of day I’m there. They all deserve recognition and thanks.
I want to thank everyone for the love and care you have given mom this past year. She is with us because of that care. You are to be commended for going above and beyond your job description. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Everyone I had any dealing with was so very helpful and concerned with my need. You have a great bunch of employees.